Recruitment Process Outsourcing

More talent, time and flexibility to grow

What does it consist of?

We recruit and select personnel in a fast, efficient and flexible way to work remotely with our clients. We specialize in professional profiles in the technology area, guaranteeing the coverage of each vacancy requested by excellent professionals for short-term or permanent projects. We handle tight deadlines, extraordinary workloads, and start-up projects,  allowing leaders of  organizations to focus on the specialty of the business and whilst maintaining the quality of their operations.


The advantages of working with us
Reduces costs

Employees are hired remotely, thus reducing fixed, administrative and infrastructure costs


Start many importants projects at the same time counting with professionals to work in record time


We fully customize our services according to the hiring needs of the company. The possibilities are endless


We work proactively, anticipating the needs of our clients to attract the best talent at all times.


Every member of the team signs a confidentiality contract before starting each project with our clients.

Less turnover

We cover any replacement immediately ensuring the coverage of positions in the end to end process by having backup personnel.

Count on the experts

We are always up to date with current market trends, and provide real-time advice to our clients regarding their specific marketplace.

More and better

You can focus on the main activity of your business and sales to grow quickly without neglecting your processes.


Leave the search for talent for your company in the hands of experts, saving time and money in the process.

Our services

Know how we work
Human resources management

We take into account the future needs of our customers in terms of staff that they may require for their projects

Previous selection of staff

We carry out an exhaustive search, interviews, technical and psychological evaluations to the candidates.

Administrative management

We take care of contracts, payments at the end of the month, holidays, overtime, incentives, etc.

Project Manager

Who will oversee the projects carried out for better quality of service and delivery of them.

Frequent Questions

Yes, in order to protect all the data of our clients with extreme confidentiality.

No, as long as it is notified at least one month in advance.

Yes, a discount of 10 from now applies from 3 contracted persons.

Yes, we work remotely with all our clients located outside of Chile.

The programmer is immediately replaced without charge and a discount is applied for the inconvenience.

We have a physical office in Santiago de Chile and Miami, Florida.

¿How does it work?

Survey of requirement
Search for Candidates
Selection by the client
Get to work!

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